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Priyanka Bangia

Based in Mumbai

Priyanka Bangia is a producer at LoudMouth Films, one of India's leading production houses.

Beginning as a Producer/Director at MTV India in 1998, she directed over 200 promos and packaging for various shows.

Throughout her career, Priyanka has worked as a producer at RDP (Ramesh Deo Productions) and Future East Film, where she was also a partner.

Her production credits include over 150 commercials for top Indian and International brands such as Pepsi, Mercedes, GM, Yamaha, L'oreal, LG, Sunsilk, Brittania, Toyota, Nestle, Nivea, Nissan, Raymond, Nokia, and Ford, among others. She has worked with renowned Indian and International directors, building an impressive portfolio.

In 2017, Priyanka founded LoudMouth, which has already produced award-winning commercials for prominent international brands such as Puma, Budweiser, Uber, Becks, KFC, and Google, among others. In addition to producing TV commercials and digital films, Priyanka is currently developing content for longer formats.

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