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Poonam Wahi

Poonam Wahi is a producer with over 20+ years of experience. She has previously worked at leading production houses like Chrome Pictures, Equinox Films, OffRoad Films,

She has worked for some of the biggest brands in collaboration with famous celebrities like Samsonite ft. Amitabh Bachchan, Pepperfy ft. Saif Ali Khan, Infosys and Tata CLiQ ft. Karan Johar to name just a few.

She has also worked in various capacities on feature films 3 Idiots, Sarkar Raaj and Lakshay.

Social Media Handle:

Here are Poonam Wahi's Top Ad Picks that have inspired her through the years:

  1. Pepsi India - Elephant

  2. Fevicol - Bus

  3. Pepsi Commercial with SRK

  4. Google India - Reunion

  5. The Silent Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana with School Children

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