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Pitcher Awards

The Pitcher Awards is one of Africa's most valuable and internationally respected accolades. Every year our esteemed jury, made up of experts from across the region, come together to review and benchmark creativity expressed across Africa through various media including print, film, audio, outdoor, PR, Entertainment, Digital, as well as creativity that has been specifically deployed for the good of mankind. Entries for Pitcher Awards can be submitted by any authorized person, representing an advertising agency, design outfit, PR company, media company, client, digital company, production company etc. located anywhere in the world, so long as the work to be entered has been created in Africa or created elsewhere for implementation in Africa. Please note that Pitcher Awards is not a competition for students.

General Eligibility/Rules:

Entries into Pitcher Awards are open to all work created, released or implemented anywhere on the African continent. This means that even projects created outside of Africa but designed specifically for implementation or release in Africa are eligible to enter.


  1. Channel

  2. Craft

  3. Digital

  4. Entertainment

  5. Good

  6. Heritage

Fee(s) Range: $100 - $150


+234 909 330 8747

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*


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