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Paul Yacono

Paul, originally from Australia, developed a passion for photography at a young age when he was gifted a 35mm still camera at just 11 years old. At 20, he moved to New York, where he explored street photography. Subsequently, he relocated to Los Angeles and began his career at a boutique D.I. shop, working on film trailers for major studios like Fox Searchlight and Lionsgate.

Under the guidance of Mitch Paulson, now part of Company 3, Paul learned the intricacies of Smoke/Flame and Lustre during the early days of D.I., gaining valuable experience in both film and digital processes.

After freelancing as both a Finisher and Colourist for a few years, Paul faced the challenges of the Great Recession and found a new professional home at A52. Initially working as a Finisher, he collaborated with owner Angus Wall to gradually establish a much-needed colour department at the studio.

Throughout his tenure at A52, Paul excelled in various projects, including commercials, main title sequences, feature films, documentary series, episodes, short films, and music videos. He contributed to significant productions like David Fincher's "House of Cards," which pioneered the trend of releasing all episodes at once. Notable shows that Paul graded include Ava DuVernay's Oscar-nominated "13th," "The Black Godfather," "Five Came Back," "Amanda Knox," and the Oscar-nominated short documentary "Audible."

Paul has now joined The Mill, where he recently showcased his talent by grading eight Super Bowl commercials, including PopCorners' "Breaking Good" and Amazon's "Saving Sawyer."

Paul has worked with prestigious brands like BMW, Audi, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Heineken and Bud Light to name a few.

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