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Orphee Noah

Based in Italy

Orphée Noah's deep connection with music traces back to his childhood, where he found solace under his father's grand piano in the nightclubs of France, where he would often be rocked to sleep. This early exposure to the world of music shaped his love for unexpected melodies and chord progressions, which he believes originated from those formative nights beneath the piano.

Growing up, music continued to be a central part of Orphée's life. He and his brothers embarked on tours around the globe with their mother, Elisabeth Kontomanou, a remarkable French jazz vocalist. During his early years, he split his time between Nice, Paris, and Normandie.

For his debut album, Orphée has taken complete control by writing, producing, and performing every single note. The album reflects a collision of worlds, embracing clashing elements, opposites, and paradoxes. It effortlessly brings together organic and technological sounds, drawing influences from the likes of Mozart, Tyler, the Creator, Ella Fitzgerald, and Metallica. It's a fascinating exploration of how one can infuse the piano with robotic qualities and interpret the emotions of an AI.

"Attack On Us" serves as a captivating introduction to Orphée Noah's romantically dystopian world, offering a glimpse into his unique musical vision.



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