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Nikolaus Kohler

Based in Berlin

Nikolaus, an acclaimed editor based in Berlin, is widely recognized for his award-winning storytelling approach, which draws significant inspiration from music and sound design. He skillfully establishes unexpected connections between visuals and audio to create captivating narratives. Notably, his recent film titled "The Wish," created for German supermarket brand Penny, has garnered substantial praise, earning numerous accolades and securing spots on prestigious editing shortlists, including Cannes Lions, ADC Global, the Clios, the One Show, and others.

Originally hailing from a location near Munich, Nik's passion for music began at a young age, playing the piano and violin. Initially, he intended to pursue a career in music composition within the film industry. However, an internship at Sky Germany introduced him to the art of editing, leading him to embark on a new path. Nik commenced his professional journey at BDA Creative, initially as an intern, but rapidly advanced to become a junior editor and eventually an editor. During this time, he specialized in cutting film trailers for international studio clients such as Warner Bros. and Amazon.

Transitioning to freelance work, Nik collaborated with esteemed directors including Marcus Ibanez, Jonas Lindstroem, Sheila Johansson, Niclas Larsson, Stef Soho, and Amara Abbas on commercial projects. His editing expertise has been sought after by renowned brands including H&M, Audi, BMW, Kia, WhatsApp, LG, Vogue, Hermes, Doctors Without Borders, Bumble, Vodafone, and many others. Moreover, Nik's creative talents extend beyond advertising, as he wrote, directed, and edited the short film "In Your Eyes" in 2021.

In 2022, Nik joined the esteemed post-production company, Cabin, further expanding his artistic horizons. With his availability spanning across the globe, he is ready to take on projects from various locations. Nik's versatility shines through in his work, as he adeptly navigates diverse genres and storytelling approaches, consistently delivering exceptional results.

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