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Nariman Khambata

Nariman Khambata is a music composer well-recognised in the advertising industry among renowned professionals.

After spending his earlier years playing in bands and dealing with undercooked steak, Nariman pursued an education in sound engineering and audio production at the Digital Academy in 2004, kickstarting his career as a sound engineer in Mumbai.

He transitioned to music composition and programming within a year and also played as a session guitarist on the side.

In 2013, Nariman ventured to London and enrolled in Point Blank Music School to study Music Production with Ableton. Upon returning, he teamed up with former bandmate Rahul Pais to form a composer-producer duo. Together, they founded The Jamroom, which took shape within months.

His rich clientele includes brands like Fastrack, Google, Volkswagen, Fab India and TVS among several others. He has also worked with some of the best production houses like Lensflare Films, Dreampunk Films and Loudmouth Films to name a few.

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