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Mr. Frank

Based in Amsterdam

Mr.Frank is an Amsterdam-based production company that effectively bridges the gap between the commercial and art worlds. Since its establishment in 2015, Mr.Frank has created a distinct niche for itself at the intersection of these two realms. Their work embodies both technical expertise and deep significance. The production company is composed of individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, all united by a shared objective: to produce visually striking and impactful work. They enthusiastically welcome various project types, ranging from TV commercials (TVC) to branded content, documentaries, and short films. Their constant pursuit is to discover fresh approaches for delivering compelling messages.

Mr.Frank boasts a roster of talented directors, including notable names from the Netherlands such as Ced Pakusevskij, Chaka, Dany Sangra, Emile Rafael, Heleen Declercq, and Jimmy Marble, among others. They also collaborate with directors from the United Kingdom, including Leo Cosme, Thomas Nuijten, and Rutger Van Leeuwen. In addition to their directors, Mr.Frank also collaborates with accomplished photographers, such as Nua Gali and Karo Ramos, further enriching their creative portfolio and expertise.

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