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Milind Dhaimade

Based in Mumbai

Founder of Love & Faith, Writer-director Milind Dhaimade has worked with many brands in his careers spanning over a decade. These brands include Dettol, Asian Paints, Lenskart, Paytm and Dominos.

After great exploits in theatre, the versatile milind dhaimade joined advertising as a copywriter because-a: it was the only profession that would have him considering his qualifications and b: he thought he could pursue his second love-filmmaking.

Twelve years and innumerable promotions later the itch to make films only got stronger so one fine day he said “scratch it! I’m doing it”. he quit his job and worked as a freelance ad film director for a while.

In 2010 he and his first love started ‘love & faith’ and been living happily since.

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