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Based in France

Michael Anctil is a skilled Sound Designer and Composer known for his involvement with forward-thinking directors in the creation of compelling and immersive experiences across traditional and interactive media. He is highly regarded by his collaborators for his ability to push boundaries, resulting in a unique sonic signature that enhances each project to its fullest potential.

Michael firmly believes that a high-quality soundtrack can greatly benefit any project, bringing to life the intangible aspects of a concept and making them tangible. His mission is to breathe life into your project through the various avenues that only sound can achieve, whether it's through sound design, foley, music composition, or exceptional sound mixing.

His comprehensive range of services includes original sound design, editing, consultation, mixing, foley, field recordings (mono, stereo, and multi-tracks), original music composition, editing, consultation, as well as VR sound design and immersive mix. With his expertise, Michael aims to provide the highest level of sonic craftsmanship to elevate the impact and overall experience of your project.

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