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Based in New York

Founded in 2012 in New York, MATTE is a collective studio at the forefront of hype, storytelling, and design. They bring people together to inspire new ways of engagement, provide long-term progress, and entertain global audiences. As a collective of originators, MATTE is fueled by the conviction that transcendent ideas are born through collaborative efforts that challenge conventional norms.

They embrace risk-taking and refuse to be bound by the limitations of the present, constantly propelling towards an envisioned future.

MATTE's core philosophy revolves around the notion that the world's most beloved brands are rooted in the essence of culture

They work with forward-thinking brands and institutions to drive innovation and cultural impact. With a client list including BOSE, Cartier, HBO, Marriott International, JPMorganChase, Spotify, Givenchy, Grey Goose Vodka, Fenty Beauty, Lacoste, and Yves Saint Laurent, they believe in the power of culture to shape beloved brands.

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