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Massive Music

Based in Germany

Established in 2000, MassiveMusic Berlin is a renowned music agency that specializes in providing innovative solutions to the German market. With a deep understanding of the local culture and industry, they offer a unique and crafty approach that goes beyond the advertising industry's norms.

MassiveMusic has expanded its global presence, with headquarters in Amsterdam (2000) and additional offices in New York (2005), Los Angeles (2008), London (2011), Tokyo (2017), Berlin (2019), Warsaw (2021), and subsequent expansions in Singapore, Sydney, and Dubai (2022). This growth allows them to serve clients internationally.

In 2021, MassiveMusic became a part of the Songtradr Group, a leading company focused on maximizing the value of music. This collaboration enhances MassiveMusic's ability to deliver exceptional music solutions and services to their clients.

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