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Marie-Claire Maalouf

Based in Dubai

Marie-Claire, the Executive Creative Director at Impact BBDO, is a firm believer in being a lifelong learner. Her journey began after graduating with honors from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, where she quickly caught the attention of BBDO and was offered a position as an Art Director. Through her dedication and contributions, she became an instrumental figure within the agency and now holds the title of Executive Creative Director.

MC, as she is known to her colleagues, has played a significant role in bringing numerous prestigious industry awards to the MENA region. In 2022 alone, she helped secure over 85 awards, including the highly sought-after D&AD Yellow Pencil, one of the two Cannes Lions Grand Prix won by the MENA region, and the only Grand Lia in Health for MENA.

Marie-Claire has actively worked on impactful initiatives and pro bono projects, leaving a lasting positive impact. Notable examples include the "Mutilated Words Campaign," which raises awareness about the dangers of female genital mutilation, and the "Toxic Flag" project, which successfully halted the construction of incinerators in Beirut's capital.

Among her recent projects is "Despair No More," an initiative aiming to eradicate the term "Menopause" from the Arabic language. Additionally, she collaborated on the creation of the "Social Distancing Prayer Mat" for Dettol, enabling safe prayer during the Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan. Another notable endeavor was "The Elections Edition" Act, where she helped ensure timely Lebanese elections by repurposing ink and paper from an unprinted newspaper edition.

Marie-Claire's outstanding work has garnered recognition at prestigious award shows such as The One Show, Caples, Clio Awards, LIA Awards, Dubai Lynx, D&AD, Loeries, MAdStars, Epica, Immortals, Global Cristal Festival, MENA Cristal, The Andys, Effies, and Cannes Lions. Her expertise and contributions have also led to her participation as a juror in multiple award shows, including Cannes Lions, New York Festival, Global Awards, D&AD, The One Show, LisbonAdFestival, and Mena Cristals.

In addition to her creative pursuits, Marie-Claire has expanded her knowledge beyond the industry. She has achieved certification in Professional Kinesiology Practice through ICPKP New Zealand and pursued energy studies via the Pranic Healing system. She applies the principles she has learned from these practices to foster a positive culture through public speaking engagements, collaboration with colleagues, and creating a healthy work environment.

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