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Based in London / NY

Machine is a prominent sound and music production company, founded in 2018, with offices in London and New York. Their team of highly skilled sound designers, composers, and producers has garnered numerous awards for their work.

With a passion for imaginative sound design and audio composition, Machine approaches each project with creativity and dedication.

The talented team at Machine includes Alex Bingham, an award-winning Sound Designer and Composer with 15 years of experience in top London facilities. They also have James Cobbold, Michalis Anthis, and Patch Rowland as sound designers, Matej Oreskovic and Rebecca Boswell as Executive Producers, Brice Cagan as Head of Music, Andi Lewis as Senior Producer, and Amber Clayton as Producer. The team is further supported by Audio Assistants Chas Langston and Nicole Watlington.

Machine has an impressive portfolio of work, which includes notable projects such as Pepsi's "The Sound of Pepsi," McLaren's "Forever Forward," Lego's "Build a Playful Holiday," KFC's "Lunch With a Twist," McDonald's "Winning Sips," and Google's "It Starts With Summer." Their contributions to these campaigns have solidified their reputation as a leading force in the industry.

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