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Little Kingdom

Based in Paris, France

Little Kingdom™ is a creative studio founded in 2009 by John Seventine. They specialize in providing artistic and technical services for the film, television, music, and video game industries.

Their range of services includes:

1. Project Management: Little Kingdom™ handles all aspects of project management, from conception to the final product, ensuring artistic, technical, and logistical excellence.

2. Visual Effects (VFX): They expertly use VFX to achieve the creative vision of directors and producers, providing effective solutions for any script-related challenges.

3. Artistic Direction: Little Kingdom™ helps define visual identities and ensures consistency in multimedia projects, advertising campaigns, and cinematic or musical productions.

4. Design: They create visually striking visuals for publications, advertising, films, posters, and signage, effectively communicating ideas.

5. Drawing: Little Kingdom™ excels in producing captivating and expressive drawings that bring stories, scenes, and messages to life.

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