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Leland Originals

Based in UK

Founded in 2016, Leland Originals is a UK-based, independent agency that specializes in representing composers and music supervisors for film, TV, advertising, and new media projects. They work closely with filmmakers to provide a diverse range of talented composers, both established and emerging.

As a sister company to Leland Music, one of UK's most reverred music supervision houses, Leland Originals combines music with the visual artistry of film and television. Leland Music has close to twenty years experience in the fields of film and advertising. They have extensive experience in the entertainment industry, spanning several decades, and aim to bridge the gap between clients and the music industry.

Leland Originals places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. They actively promote representation within the industry by nurturing pathways for underrepresented voices and stories. The team at Leland Originals is committed to advancing education, training, and internship opportunities in their sector. Their primary mission is to create impactful and culturally significant work that has lasting value.

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