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Laura Macauley

Based in Los Angles

Laura is a strategic business planner with expertise in commercial live action and post-production companies. Her skills include direct-to-client communication, new business development, managing directors' careers, and recruiting new talent. As a creative-focused Executive Producer, she is also experienced in bidding, line producing, and overseeing projects such as commercials, music videos, and TV shows.

Laura has a diverse background, having previously worked at Smuggler, The Sweet Shop, and Tool of North America, and is currently freelancing. She began her career in commercials at Epoch Films, where her exceptional abilities led her to become the staff bidder and production manager within just six months of working at the reception desk. After relocating to Los Angeles, she ventured into freelance producing and gained valuable experience working on major commercial productions. At the age of 26, Laura joined JGF as their Head of Production. In 2004, she returned to line producing and freelancing, bidding for esteemed companies such as Biscuit, HSI, and Anonymous Content.

For over eight years, Laura served as an Executive Producer for Smuggler in Hollywood, CA. During her tenure, campaigns she was involved with won the prestigious Palmes D'or at Cannes on two occasions. In 2013, Laura was appointed Managing Director of The Sweet Shop's US office, where her quick wit, savvy style, and creative instincts added value to the global management team. She has also served as a judge multiple times at AICP and The London International Awards, showcasing her industry expertise and insights.

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