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Kyle Stroebel

Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Kyle, a motion picture colourist, operates from The Refinery in Cape Town, showcasing his exceptional skills in crafting vibrant colours and evoking transcendent moods. His expertise spans both short-form commercial projects and long-form narrative films, where he meticulously attends to every detail.

Having amassed over 15 years of experience, Kyle has cultivated a distinctive style perfectly aligned with modern filmmaking. His background in celluloid film and telecine has instilled in him a profound technical knowledge, which he seamlessly merges with a creative flair and deep emotional comprehension of film language.

Kyle is the colourist behind multiple awards-winning documentary 'My Octopus Teacher'.

Spotify, Doritos, Smirnoff, Vans, KFC, Adidas and Netflix are some of the brands Kyle has worked with.

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