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KITCHEN.VIDEO stands as a contemporary, versatile video laboratory that embraces various disciplines. It's a collaborative venture that unites a team of exceptionally motivated visionaries prepared to tackle the communication demands of our constantly evolving world.

After a triumphant 15-year run of Apostrophe Films, founder/director Koushik Sarkar embarked on the journey of creating KITCHEN.VIDEO.

His aspiration went beyond merely operating a production company; instead, he aimed to foster a space that nurtures the process and voyage of turning a vision into reality, collectively.

Their clientele includes renowned brands like IKEA, Amazon, Philips, Porsche, UNICEF and Samsung to name just a few.

Some of their notable campaigns include Imperial Blue 'Men Will Be Men', Pantaloons 'Pujo Mane Pantaloons' and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank's narrative campaign.

Founder: Kaushik Sarkar

Directors: Koushik Sarkar, Anders Jedenfors, Clémence Demesme & Mukti Krishan

Managing Partner: Avishek Ghosh

Associate Producer: Kushan Bhattacharya

Social Media Handle:



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