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King Lear

Based in London

Established in 2021, this award-winning music and sound design company is situated in the vibrant heart of East London. The company boasts two state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos studios, providing cutting-edge audio production capabilities. They offer their expertise across a wide range of media platforms, including advertising, film, and television.

With a team of talented sound designers, music supervisors, and a roster of exceptional composers and artists, this company brings a unique blend of charm and craftsmanship to their projects. Their notable works include collaborations with renowned brands and productions such as Amazon Prime's "Gourmet Guard," Greenpeace's "Don't Stop," Audible's "The Greatest Storyteller" and "Breathe," Paramount+'s "A Mountain of Entertainment," and Nike's "Playground for All," among others. Their track record showcases their ability to deliver outstanding sound design and music for diverse projects.

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