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Kabeer Kathpalia

Better known as OAFF, Kabeer has been influenced by an eclectic blend of music growing up, Kabeer Kathpalia composed music for a wide spectrum of projects. He has scored several films, series and documentaries.

He studied at an international school for a while, where he joined a band and met his music partner, Savera. They started the band, but it was always something they did for fun. But gradually, he started getting more interested in music theory and how it works.

He started producing music towards the end of college. He took a year off after college just to make music. After two years of doing that, he came to Mumbai and that’s how he started doing a lot of advertising work. By now, he thinks he has done about a thousand ads altogether with Savera.

His work includes a project with the official international Olympics channel, and the title theme for the Amazon Prime show 'Inside Edge'.

He is best known for H&M (Brighter Than Ever), H&M x Myntra, Volkswagen, Nykaa, AirBnB, Nissan Kicks and Taj among others.

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