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Based in Mumbai

Jungle seeks out unexplored trends and uncharted ideas across a variety of fields, including music, art, sports, fashion, technology, and lifestyle. By tapping into the vibrancy of our surroundings, they bring these elements to life on screen through the most suitable cinematic medium.

With a distinct visual aesthetic, JUNGLE have established themselves as masters of creative storytelling.

With a deep admiration for the enchantment of cinema and make-believe, Jungle strives to produce films that are both contemporary and visually striking. Their goal is to turn brands into captivating stories worth sharing.

Some of their brand works are NBA x Divine, Bhima Brides, HP 'Omen', Too Yumm 'Earthquake', Taco Bell 'It's Desi Crazy', and more recently, Archies x Maybelline and BGMI 'The Jigggle'.

Co-founder/Director: Shai

Co-founder/Executive Producer: Rudra Mawani

Social Media Handles:


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