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Jugaad Motion Pictures

Based in Mumbai

Jugaad Motion Pictures is a media and production company that was founded in 2016 by writer/director Dar Gai and producers Dheer Momaya Sakshi Khanna.

Over the past two years, Jugaad has produced three features– Teen Aur Aadha, Namdev Bhau and Last Film Show.

Teen Aur Adha, co-produced by Anurag Kashyap, is the recipient of 18 awards and has also been selected for 40 International Film Festivals.

Namdev Bhau premiered at the Busan International Film Festival along with screening at BFI London Film Festival and MAMI to name a few.

Jugaad also produces music videos as well as commercials for which they have received critical acclaim.

Their work for Prateek Kuhad's 'Cold/Mess' was deemed 'The Best Music Video of the Year' by Rolling Stone. They have also worked with Ritviz for his music videos, 'Sage' and 'Liggi' which garnered millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

Notable commercial work includes Netfflix 'The Money Heist Fan Anthem', Levi's 'Proud to Be More', Stafree 'It's Just a Period', Bumble 'Love Will Find a Way' and Vaseline 'Vaseline Walli Sardi' to name a few.

Co-founder/Director: Dar Gai

Co-founder/Producers: Dheer Momaya & Sakshi Khanna

Social Media Handles:


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