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Joe Guest

Joe Guest is renowned as one of the premier editors within the advertising industry. He has collaborated with esteemed directors on highly recognizable and acclaimed campaigns for renowned brands such as John Lewis, Lurpak, Audi, Cadbury, and Ikea. Joe's exceptional contributions have earned him prestigious accolades, including the Shots Editor of the Year Award on two occasions, as well as numerous Cannes Lions, British Arrows, D&AD, Clio, APA, and AICE Awards. In addition to his work in advertising, Joe has also ventured into the realm of music videos, having worked with notable artists like U2, Kasabian, Coldplay, Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim, among others. With an impressive career spanning thirty years, including the past nineteen years at Final Cut, Joe consistently pushes the boundaries of storytelling and continues to excel in his craft.

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