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Jesper Gadeberg

Based in Denmark

Jesper Gedberg is a specialist in researching and selecting the ideal style and piece of music to enhance creative ideas in various mediums such as commercials, movies, short fictions, and TV.

With a background of fourteen years working in specialty record shops and over 25 years as a full-time music stylist and supervisor, his extensive experience allows him to guide clients through different styles and genres for their commercials. His approach is focused on finding the unexpected yet fitting musical choices, rather than relying solely on personal taste. He has a preferred style and tonality that he refers to as 'film in advertising' musically speaking.

He believes in following intuition and experience when it comes to finding the meaning behind a song. He avoids rigid analysis and categorization of song choices, as he believes it stifles creativity. His aim is to make projects stand out and leave a lasting impact. Sonic branding and strict approaches are not his focus, as he believes true creativity comes from taking risks and being different from colleagues and competitors.

IBased in Copenhagen, he operates independently from any specific record company or publisher, ensuring the freedom to select music from various sources. He has an extensive network of contacts worldwide, including major recording companies, publishers, as well as small independent labels and music managements.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned directors such as Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer, Fridman Sisters, James Marsh, Martin De Thurah, Martin Werner, Frederic Planchon, Kim Gehrig, Jovan Todorovic, Frederic Bond, Martin Aamund, Rune Milton, Traktor, Felix Brady, Alex Feil, Jan Wentz, Tomas Jonsgaarden, Marius Holst, and others. His work has been sought after by acclaimed agencies like Adam&Eve, W+K, Antoni, Publicis, TBWA, &Co, Akestam Holst, Forsman & Bodenfors, TRY, and numerous brands including Squarespace, Burberry, and Playstation.

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