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Jeff Dittenber

Based in the USA

Jeff Dittenber is a skilled professional with degrees in music technology and guitar performance. His expertise lies in sound design and manipulation, where he demonstrates a natural ear and a deep passion for sound. Currently based at Yessian's Detroit studios, Jeff leads the sound design teams for global projects in various domains such as broadcast television, commercials, themed entertainment, experiential installations, immersive audio, virtual reality (VR), and live shows.

Throughout his career, Jeff has undertaken numerous projects for renowned brands including Sony, Google, Dolby, NBC, Universal Studios, Ferrari World, Dubai Parks, Ford, Mercedes, and General Motors. Notably, he recently collaborated on an immersive experience for Aerosmith's Las Vegas residency. His exceptional work has earned him multiple prestigious awards, including Cannes Lions, London International, Tellys, ADDYs, Shots, and THEA award for themed entertainment. Jeff's talent has left a significant sonic impact across various media channels worldwide.

Additionally, Jeff has been professionally engaged as a voice talent since 2010, contributing to the creation of award-winning sound designs for film, television, commercials, themed attractions, VR/AR experiences, interactive projects, immersive installations, and live events.

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