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Jacq Wilkinson

Based in the US

Jacq is a highly accomplished Managing Director and Executive Producer at Division USA, specializing in the production of commercial films, stills, social media content, long formats, music videos, and digital experiences. With extensive expertise in creative and strategic consulting for production companies, Jacq excels in talent management, representing and nurturing film directors and artists.

Having traversed the globe multiple times, Jacq spent nine remarkable years at SMUGGLER, playing a pivotal role in shaping the careers of renowned directing talents.

Her executive production portfolio boasts an impressive number of commercials, surpassing her count, many of which have garnered prestigious accolades such as the Grand Prix at Cannes 2018, numerous Clios, AICPs, a DGA, and an Emmy. Currently dividing her time between the USA and Berlin, Jacq operates as a versatile freelance creative executive producer, line producer, talent agent, and talent scout.

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