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Isobar India

Based in Mumbai

Isobar is the advertising agency behind some of India's most memorable and successful commercials.

Today, brands are more than what they say. Brands are what they do. Isobar believes that the point of meaningful differentiation is experience, and creativity is the most powerful force to making change happen.

By harnessing creativity and technology, data and design, they connect people with forward thinking brands. Since their inception in 2004, Isobar has led in delivering innovative digital and creative solutions for clients and Dentsu International.

They have always been at the intersection of agencies and consultancies, and have evolved from digital marketing to delivering experience-led transformation for clients today.

They have worked for countless prestigious brands like Reebok, BMW, ICICI Bank, Adidas, Philips and Kellogg's Chocos among others.

Social Media Handles:

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