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Based in South Korea

Over the past 15 years, they have been at the forefront of advertising innovation, pioneering new genres such as Social Movie, iCF, Creative Product, and Creatiview.

Their groundbreaking work has been recognised with 16 awards at renowned advertising festivals, including Cannes Lions, Clio, and New York Festivals. With a strong track record, they have consistently garnered recognition for their creativity and technology, amassing a total of 27 awards over 12 consecutive years, starting with their first entry at the Korea Advertising Awards.

Located in Seoul, Korea, INNORED is consistently creating innovative solutions that inspire creativity. They have introduced initiatives like Creative View and Solution, the first YouTube media solution developed in Korea. Additionally, their Innotracker program analyses website and blog traffic, providing valuable insights into inflow information, paths, and devices used by visitors.

Their extensive client portfolio includes partnerships with esteemed brands such as Burger King, Quanchell, Lululemon, Salady, Babitalk, Johnson & Johnson, and the BTS x Snickers campaign, among others.

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