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India's Regional PR Award (IRPA)

IRPA is a prestigious award ceremony that has been instituted to celebrate excellence and recognize the most outstanding, inspiring, and successful PR practitioners in our country, known for their regional communication.

IRPRA awards will be given under the categories of 40 Under 40, which means PR practitioners below the age of 40 are eligible to submit their applications for the award. IRPRA will be distributed to the best regional PR practitioner across the length and breadth of the country.


1. Award for excellence in CSR

2. Award for the best creative entertainment campaign

3. Leading PR creative campaign for business

4. Leading PR campaign for the Startups category

5. Best PR campaign for Crisis communications

6. Excellence in a local brand PR campaign

7. Excellence in a rural area PR campaign

8. Excellence in PSU/government PR campaign

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

  • The applicants should be under the age of 40 years as of 19th November 2022 and should be practicing PR and corporate communication in India. They should be over the age of 20 years as of 19th November 2022

  • One organization can enter multiple categories

  • One individual member can apply in more than one category

  • All nominations are free of cost and are to be submitted digitally

  • All questions with asterisks are mandatory

  • All information declared should be correct and up to date. It is critical for adequate assessment

  • All answers should be 300 words or less

  • The final form should be submitted in a prescribed PPT, word document, or PDF format

  • It is mandatory to share your latest picture that is not heavier than 2 MB

Tentative Submission Period

October - November

Entry Fees

No entry fee



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