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Imen Soltani

Based in the US

Imen Soltani is a highly accomplished and Emmy-nominated multidisciplinary Creative, renowned for her exceptional ability to blend copy, art, and strategy, resulting in culturally driven campaigns that resonate with technology and entertainment brands. With a remarkable track record, Imen's work has garnered over 150 accolades, including prestigious awards from Cannes Lions, One Show, and D&AD.

In 2020, Imen's exceptional talent and innovative approach earned her the recognition as one of the Top 10 next creative leaders in advertising by the One Club. Her work has not only earned awards but has also been showcased in esteemed museums like MoMa in NYC, Victoria and Albert in London, and as part of the Tunisian Pavilion at the Vienna Biennale in 2017, further solidifying her impact on the creative world.

Imen's diverse expertise has led her to collaborate with notable brands such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Airpods, Meta, Match, and Patreon, among others. Her skillset spans various aspects of creative work, including product marketing, copywriting, creative direction, strategy, and beyond, making them a versatile force in the industry.

Apart from her creative pursuits, Imen Soltani is also a budding founder in the health tech space. She is currently participating in the Grid110 accelerator program in Los Angeles, showcasing her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship beyond the advertising realm.


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