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Based in Australia

In today’s age, people could do away with 75% of all the brands in their life without noticing, which can be quite confronting. However, at HostHavas, they perceive this as an opportunity. Their focus is to assist the brands they collaborate with in becoming part of the coveted 25% that people genuinely desire to keep in their lives by using powerful research tools to identify what actually matters to the consumers in the category.

They have successfully influenced immigration policies for an entire nation, established a Kiwi airline as Australia's most trusted brand for five consecutive years, and transformed a product that was once on the brink of deletion into a category-leading offering. They believe most meaningful answer could equally lie in digital transformation; utility; retail; UX; entertainment or technology.

They have worked with brands like Air New Zealand, Stockland, Amazon Alexa, among others and have worked on projects with Fiji Tourism, Palau Legau Project and Defence Force Recruiting.

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