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Harshil Karia

Harshil Karia, along with Sohil Karia and Akshay Gurnani, founded Schbang in 2014 and Level in 2021, both based in Mumbai, India. Schbang is a global creative and technology transformation company that emerged as a challenger from India, which is recognized as the most competitive market in the world with the highest credentials for technological capability. Meanwhile, Level is a game that encourages personal growth.

He has helped the company secure significant clients such as Jio, L’Oréal, Xiaomi, Pidilite, Mattel, Crompton, Estee Lauder Companies, P&G, Lenovo, and Tata Communications, among others, driving client business growth through strategic direction.

Harshil's leadership has enabled Schbangalore, the second office of Schbang, to grow from 0 to 100+ members in less than three years. He has also built early clients in the market, such as Xiaomi India and Titan. Harshil has won several awards, including the Shortys, Facebook Studio, and Internationalists Awards, as well as numerous local Indian awards.

Aside from his business endeavors, Harshil is committed to making a difference. He founded the Schbang for Good Foundation, which supports ecological sustainability and education for underprivileged children. He is also mentoring three upcoming agencies and is a Co-Founder Mentor with 88 GB, Django, and SPEK. Furthermore, he is setting up a skilling program via Schbang to teach coding and design to 360 people annually. The Proof of Concept for this program has already been completed for two consecutive years, training a total of 150 individuals.

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