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Good People

Based in Egypt

Co-founded by the esteemed director Ali Ali, Good People is a distinguished production house based in Cairo, Beirut, and Dubai. While being honored as Agency-of-the-Year, at its core, Good People remains true to its essence as a production house. However, it sets itself apart from other regional production houses by representing and collaborating with its own roster of directors and creative talent.

True to its name, Good People thrives on cultivating a collaborative environment where every voice is heard. It warmly welcomes agencies to join forces and embark on an endless pursuit of exceptional work. Although boasting an impressive collection of 78 awards, the team's humble nature is reflected in their preference for using display space to store snacks rather than accolades. Their genuine passion for the industry fuels their dedication to deliver outstanding results.

Within Good People, the bond between its talented team is palpable. Producers go above and beyond, willing to donate blood and exert sweat to ensure smooth camera operations, while the directors exhibit a diverse range of artistic styles. The agency's reputation speaks for itself, having been crowned Agency of the Year for three consecutive years by industry peers.

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  • Khaled Zaki: Executive Producer:

  • Omar Khalil – Producer:


  • Khaled Zaki: Executive Producer: +201002512085

  • Omar Khalil – Producer: +201001313187

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