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Goafest Abby Awards

Recognition of efforts is what motivates an individual. And for an industry that thrives on motivation, the Ad Club has initiated various awards to ensure that Indian ad professionals receive the recognition they deserve. The ABBY AWARD are the Oscars of Indian ad awards to honour creative excellence in advertising. Undoubtedly, the biggest and the most prestigious ad award show in the country attended by more than 2500 professionals from the marketing, advertising, media, research and PR fraternity.

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

1. Each of the verticals will be judged independently: Still (Print & Digital), Audio-Visual (Up to 60 Secs.), Audio-Visual (More than 60 Secs.), Audio (Programme Content), Out Of Home (Ambient Media) & Integrated, Design, Digital Mobile, Technology, Direct, Brand Activation & Promotion, Public Relations, Branded Content & Entertainment, Red Abby, Green Award, Young Abby, Craft Categories, Broadcaster and Publisher.

2. The last date for acceptance of the entries ONLINE is SUNDAY, 16TH APRIL, 2023.

A. All the work submitted should:

1. Have been released for the first time between 1stMarch, 2022 and not later than 31st March, 2023.

2. Have been produced based on a brief given by a regular client and should be a part of an advertising schedule requisitioned by the client. CLIENT AUTHORIZATION IS A MUST.

3. Not have been created/ released mainly for entering the Abby Awards 2023.

4. Not be illegal to sell, communicate and advertise in India; no alcohol and tobacco advertising can be entered (except for categories Digital Mobile, Technology & Activation). Surrogate advertising will have to compete in categories where it has a genuine sale eg. Mineral water in beverages category and CDs in Household appliances and goods category.

5. Conform to ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) guidelines.

6. Alcohol advertising can be entered in a. Digital, Mobile & Technology Category; b. Only in Activation Category and not in Out of Home & Ambient Media.

B. All print entries submitted should be from publications which meet at least 2 of the following 3 criteria:

1. Should be accessible to the general public through news-stand or subscription.

2. Should be released in a periodical with a fixed frequency.

3. Should be released in a publication with a tariff card offering space for commercial space buyers.

C. Every entry is accepted only on the condition that through the act of entering the work, you are automatically certifying that you have read, understood and accepted all the rules and conditions stated in this brochure and that your entry is COMPLETELY in conformity with all of them.

D. AGC reserves the right to extend the last date of submission of entry but there is no guarantee that this will happen. Participants are requested to adhere to dates mentioned and late entries can face disqualification.

E. Creative work entered must have been conceived and it’s execution supervised by a company in India or Pakistan or Sri Lanka or Nepal or Bangladesh. Work executed abroad by producers or international employees of the entering company must have been under the supervision of the Creative Director of the entering company.

A certificate will need to be issued to establish if an international employee of the entering company has used advanced illustration or animation to finish the work. There must be a certificate to the effect identifying what was executed abroad and by whom along with the name of the supervising India based Creative Director.

F. Ads or campaigns conceived and executed abroad with cosmetic local adaptations like a language dub or available in India message run the risk of being disqualified.

G. Incomplete/incorrect entry forms are liable to get disqualified and no refund will be provided.

H. Entries can be entered in more than one category or sub category

I. Entries must be accompanied by a total list from the Agency or company entering.

Categories 1. Creative

2. Broadcaster

3. Publisher

(each category is further divided into sub-categories)

Tentative Submission Period


Entry Fees

INR 6,000/- - INR 16,520/-

For the category Red Abby there is no entry fees.



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