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Fred & Farid

Based in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai

With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Shanghai, Fred and Farid is a purpose-driven company that produces meaningful ideas, anchoring brands within culture. Their expertise spans brand strategy, branding, content creation, social activation, and production.

Fred and Farid's unique culture blends the craftsmanship and refinement of the French, the tactical and digital prowess of the Chinese, and the visionary strategic approach of the Americans. Committed to making a positive impact, they dedicate 25% of their time to collaborating with non-profit organizstions that drive societal progress.

As an agency, Fred and Farid has amassed an impressive record of over 1,200 awards and received recognition from more than 30 industry honours. They have worked with esteemed brands such as Air France, Audi, Coca-Cola, Giorgio Armani, Porsche, Saint Laurent, and Vivo.

Social Media Handles:



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