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Based in UK

Founded in 1997, the London-based sound design and audio facility has gained widespread acclaim and numerous awards for its exceptional work. Renowned for their expertise in sound design, the highly skilled team has produced highly regarded commercial projects for esteemed brands including Apple, Nike, BBC, Channel 4, Coca Cola, and John Lewis.

With six Pro Tools HD studios and the distinction of being the first in the UK to have a Dolby Atmos licensed suite dedicated to Commercials & Trailers, the facility offers a comprehensive range of audio production and sound design services. Their creative and welcoming environment fosters innovation and collaboration.

Heading the long-form projects is a team led by Supervising Sound Editors Anthony Moore and Jon Clarke. Their profound understanding of sound enables them to excel in crafting immersive storytelling experiences across features, documentaries, and TV serializations. Their team comprises talented professionals skilled in dialogue editing, sound design, foley, ADR, and mixing, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

Beyond traditional screens and studio boundaries, the facility aims to push the boundaries of sound design. They believe in creating experiences that transcend the limitations of technology, immersing audiences in rich and resonant soundscapes that captivate and engage.

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