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Exit Films

Based in Australia & New Zealand

Exit Films was established in 1995, driven by a vision to create a thriving studio that empowers both artists and directors to work independently within a collaborative and supportive environment.

This founding philosophy remains steadfast today, emphasizing that commercial success and creative integrity can coexist harmoniously. At the core of Exit Films is the dedication to discover and nurture creative talent, a commitment that has propelled numerous directors to acclaim and success.

With offices situated in Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, Exit Films has flourished into one of the industry's most esteemed production companies. Embracing a fearlessly creative approach and rejecting mediocrity, the company consistently delivers innovative, exquisitely crafted, and intellectually engaging work.

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  • Leah Churchill-Brown, Executive Producer:

  • Declan Cahill, Executive Producer:


  • Sydney: +61 2 8755 3755

  • Auckland: +64 9 815 0222


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