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Erwan Frotin

Erwan Frotin is a Swiss-French photographer known for his captivating and innovative still life projects. He attended Ecal in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he studied photography. Frotin gained initial recognition when his commissioned works were published in Vogue France during the artistic direction of M/M Paris.

Throughout the 2000s, Frotin's unique approach to still life photography set influential standards in the genre. His photographs are characterized by a poetic and sculptural quality, blending elements from diverse fields such as botany, theater arts, history, zoology, and color theory. Frotin's deep connection to nature and spirituality further informs his artistic vision.

Frotin's broad pictorial understanding and distinctive personality are evident in his choice of subjects, compositions, and use of color. He employs a mesmerizing visual language that encompasses flowers, portraits, still life, animals, and landscapes. His work extends to personal projects such as "Flora Olbiensis" and "FLUX," as well as collaborations with renowned publications like Another Magazine, Arena Homme Plus, Numero Homme, Numero China, Paradis, System, and The New York Times. He has also produced advertising campaigns for notable clients including Apple, Berluti, Cartier, Dior Jewelry, and Loewe.

Frotin's work has been widely recognized and exhibited in solo and group shows across France, the United States, Switzerland, and Italy. His series of books, titled "FLUX," exemplifies his commitment to capturing the continuity of life through the diversity of nature. Each volume presents a mesmerizing sequence of highly detailed and colorful images, inviting viewers to explore unexpected connections between human and non-human wonders. "FLUX" showcases Frotin's contemplation of the mysteries of beings and places, their perpetual transformations, and the interconnectedness of our living planet.

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