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Elena Isolini

Based in London

Elena Isolini is a talented production designer and multidisciplinary artist based in London, proudly represented by LUX Artists. In her work, she views space as a character, using it as a dynamic landscape and medium to tell captivating stories. Her artistic creations include images and motifs that skillfully explore themes and enhance storylines without the need for words.

Elena's impressive portfolio features numerous acclaimed projects that have garnered recognition within the festival circuit. Among her achievements are contributions to an Oscar-winning short, multiple BIFA-nominated shorts, and a nomination for Best Production Design at the UKMVAs.

Recently, she completed work on the feature-length project titled 'Silver Haze.' The film has been in development with the Les Arcs Film Festival Work in Progress and produced by EMU Films. 'Silver Haze' made its grand premiere at Berlinale 2023, where it received the prestigious Teddy Award. It is set to be released in cinemas across Europe and the UK later this year, adding another significant milestone to Elena's already impressive career.

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