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Effie Awards Global Best of the Best

The Effie Awards are an esteemed recognition program in the advertising industry that honours all types of effective marketing efforts contributing to a brand's success. They have been globally renowned for over 50 years, with 55+ programs in 125+ markets, including the Global Effies and regional/national programs. The awards were initially launched by the New York American Marketing Association in 1968 to celebrate the most effective advertising campaigns, but they have evolved to acknowledge effective marketing efforts of all kinds worldwide. The New York AMA transferred its rights to the Effie brand to Effie Worldwide, a separate non-profit organization, in July 2008. The Global Best Of The Best is everything its name suggests. A platform built on all the learnings, insights, data and experience we’ve gained from you, our entrants. Your passion, rigor and creativity we see and feel in every submission. And our combined expertise. The Global Best Of The Best will represent only the work that has achieved Gold or Grand Effie winning status. The Global Best Of The Best stands as the world’s definitive effectiveness awards program. A beacon for our industry, drawing on the very best ideas that work from around the world. It raises the bar and further enhances our commitment to lead, inspire and champion the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness globally. Every day.

General Eligibility/Rules:

Open to all Gold & Grand Effie winners from Effie’s regional and national programs.

  1. To enter the Global Best of the Best program, your case must have won a Gold or Grand Effie in any 2022 Effie Awards national or regional program.

  2. Efforts may be submitted into a maximum of one Best of the Best category. • If the category your case won Gold/Grand in is offered in the Best of the Best program, you must enter that category.

  3. If your effort won Gold/Grand in multiple categories in your local program, you may choose the category you wish to compete in.

  4. If your original category is not offered in the Best of the Best program, you should enter your case into the Industry category that corresponds to the product / service you are entering and provide context about the original category in your answers to the local context questions of the entry form.

  5. Entrants must enter the same written case that was submitted into the national or regional program for their Best of the Best program submission. • If the case was originally not submitted in English, the written case must be translated to English for the Best of the Best program submission. Translation must be provided for all creative examples.


Industry category:

Agricultural, Industrial, Building


Beauty & Fragrance

Consumer Goods & Telecom

Fashion & Accessories

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Food & Beverage


Gaming & E-Sports

Government, Institutional & Recruitment

Health & Wellness

Media, Entertainment & Leisure


Product/Service Launch

Professional Services




Travel & Tourism

Specialty Categories:


Brand Content & Entertainment

Business Achievement


Commerce & Shopper Marketing


David vs. Goliath


Experiential Marketing

(Brand Experience)

Marketing Innovation Solutions

Media Idea / Innovation

Small Budgets

Social Media

Sustained Success

Topical / Annual Events

Positive Change Categories:

Disease Awareness & Education

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Environmental – Brands

Environmental – Non-Profit

Social Good – Brands

Social Good – Non-Profit

Tentative schedule: June


Program Website

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*

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