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Early Man Film

Based in Mumbai

Early Man was started in 2013 by Producer Anand Menon and Director Ayappa KM. Since then, they have been finding and polishing scripts to turn them into funny and memorable stories.

They are one of India’s leading production houses, committed to creating fresh, genre-bending content.

Along the way they have collected various awards at Cannes, D&AD, Adfest, Spikes and Kyoorius.

Some of their notable work includes Ambuja Cement 'The Great Khali', The Times of India 'Wake Up Chennai', Imperial Blue 'Men Will Be Men', CRED 'Great For Good' ft. Rahul Dravid, Pond's 'Oily Warrior' and more recently, Bold Care ft. Ranveer Singh

Co-founder/Director: Ayappa KM

Co-founder/Producer: Anand Menon

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