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Based in New York & Los Angeles

This agency operates with two independently operating subsidiaries: Deutsch LA (DLA) and Deutsch NY (DNY).

DLA takes a unique approach, believing that one size does not fit all. They function as a collection of smaller ad agencies, with each team built around the specific needs of a particular client.

Their diverse clientele includes Walmart, Taco Bell, Dr Pepper, 23andMe, Lowe's, Kendall-Jackson, Bayer, Nintendo, Opendoor, PetSmart, Snapple, and others. Embracing an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach, their in-house production studio, Steelhead, stands as the largest agency-owned facility in the country.

On the other hand, DNY, founded in 1969, recognises that the world is constantly evolving and accelerating across various media channels. As one of the few truly integrated, full-service agencies, DNY combines creative, media, data, and design to dramatically alter the trajectory of businesses. Their clientele includes PNC Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Cetaphil, Differin, Reebok, M&M's World, and AT&T.

Both subsidiaries, DLA and DNY, operate under the agency's umbrella, leveraging their respective strengths and expertise to deliver exceptional results for their clients

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