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David Martin Angelus

Based in Paris

David Angelus, a unique Creative Director, stands out from his peers due to one defining characteristic: duality. Raised by a father who embodied the corporate "suit & tie" archetype and a free-spirited mother, David developed a remarkable blend of business acumen and artistic sensibility. While his true calling was always in the creative realm, David initially embarked on a path in production. However, he eventually transitioned to the client side of a multinational corporation before finally pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a creative professional.

David's professional journey has taken him through various renowned agencies in the United States, including The Community, Deutsch, and BBDO NY. Seeking new opportunities, he then ventured to Ogilvy Paris, where he had the privilege of working under the guidance of industry luminaries Chris Garbutt and Fred Levron. For nearly four years, David honed his skills and expanded his creative horizons in the vibrant city of Paris. Subsequently, he joined Leo Burnett and later BETC, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and accomplished Creative Director.

Through his unique background and diverse experiences, David Angelus brings a distinctive perspective to his creative work.

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