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David Gesslbauer

Based in Berlin

David Gesslbauer is a highly accomplished film editor based in Berlin, Germany. With a strong educational background in editing, having studied at the prestigious Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg from 2012 to 2018. In addition to their technical skills, David is known for their exceptional offline sound design.

David's talent have earned him several prestigious awards for their editing work which include,

The 44th Telly Awards Gold for Editing "BORN GUILTY" in 2023, a Wooden Pencil for Editing "WE WILL BECOME BETTER" at the 2022 D&AD Awards, and a Gold award from THE ONE CLUB for Editing "WE WILL BECOME BETTER" in the same year. Additionally, they have received recognition from the CLIO Awards, winning Gold in Film Craft: Editing for "WE WILL BECOME BETTER" and Silver in the same category for "BORN GUILTY" in 2022.

David has worked wirth renowned brands and companies such as ADIDAS, AMAZON, APPLE PAY, BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, and the NEW YORK TIMES, among many others.


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