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Dani Pujalte

Based in Spain

Dani is a photographer known for his irreverent approach and keen observation of cultural and social issues. Through his work, he captures the essence of the present while also evoking glimpses of the future. In both personal and commercial projects, Dani consistently captures the energy of generations in motion, explores ambiguous spaces, and presents unique visions of modernity.

After completing his Bachelor's degree, Dani further honed his skills in general photography at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. His artistic accomplishments include solo exhibitions such as "Good luck with the future" at Loading Fest and Galeria Painel (opening on July 23rd), as well as "Good luck with the future" at Galerie Jacques Cerami. Dani has also published six books, including "Studio vortex Journal 5/6" published by Atelier de Visu and "Prai$e the Lord" published by Witty Books.

Throughout his career, Dani has been recognized for his talent and received several prestigious awards. Some of his notable achievements include being a finalist for the Cultural Containers in the 19th edition of the Fotopres grant, winning the Grant Fotopres la Caixa 2015, and receiving various round point colobane awards, among others.

He has worked with brands like Airbnb, Zara Origins, Adidas, Stella McCartney, Converse and Levi's, among others.

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