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Dan Beckwith

Based in Uk

Dan Beckwith holds a Music Tech BSc Degree from Leeds College of Music, which he completed in 2005. He embarked on a journey into the dynamic realm of Audio Post Production.

Over the course of 15 years, Dan Beckwith has played a significant role in the growth and success of Factory Studios. He has contributed to the creation of well-regarded and award-winning advertising campaigns, collaborating with prestigious brands like Ikea, McDonalds, KFC, RNLI, PlayStation, FIFA, Skoda, Deutsche Telekom, and Camelot. Dan's passion lies in discovering new avenues of creativity and immersion within the audio domain, while simultaneously cherishing and honoring established platforms like radio.

As the Creative Director and a vital member of the Senior Leadership Team, Dan Beckwith takes on the responsibility and privilege of nurturing emerging talents that already form a remarkable part of their outstanding team at Factory Studios.

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