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Cyrus Pagdiwala

Cyrus is the Co-founder and Executive Producer at Corcoise Films, personally handling the Production Service arm of the production company.

He has been working with Prasoon Pandey, one of India's most iconic commercial directors, for over 25 years now.

Cyrus has 400+ films to his credit, shot all over the world.

In the industry, he is renowned for his exceptional attention to detail, high efficiency, and direct approach. When it comes to line production planning, he is recognised for his thorough consideration of various contingencies.

Best known for working extensively with Prasoon, Cyrus has also worked with some of the biggest names in the global commercial world such as Tony Kaye, Traktor, Daniel Barber of RHB and Steve Rogers of Revolver among others.

Some of his notable works include the latest MP Tourism ad, Fevicol 'Bus', 'Sofa', 'Joint Family' and 'Vagabond', The Times of India 'The File', The Hindu 'Classroom', Borosil 'Samosa' and ICICI Bank 'Kids Surprise'.

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