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Curro de la Villa

Based in Tokyo

Curro de la Villa is a distinguished global Creative Director currently affiliated with WIEDEN+KENNEDY TOKYO. With a career spanning across multiple continents, Curro has collaborated with talented creatives in both global agencies and local markets. Together, they have given a voice to minorities in Japan, orchestrated a Game of Thrones star's singing debut in the United States, and united football's greatest players during a momentous occasion in Russia. In his most recent endeavor, Curro and his team brought joy to classrooms by having children dance to the beats of Japan's coolest band, aiming to promote mental health.

Having a background in interactive art direction, Curro holds a strong passion for ideas that pave the way towards a sustainable future, address gender and racial issues, and combat sports abuse. He has previously spearheaded brand campaigns for Google, led Samsung's sports initiatives, and worked on both global and local projects for Adidas.

Outside of the advertising realm, Curro's creative pursuits extend to cinematography, photography, and various storytelling mediums. His involvement in artistic projects has garnered recognition from esteemed platforms such as NOWNESS ASIA, solidifying his multidimensional talent and artistic sensibilities.

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