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Based in the US

Consortium is a creative music production studio founded by award-winning composer Seth Olinsky in 2013. They possess a deep understanding of the role of music in storytelling and crafting experiences across various mediums such as film, performance, recording, and installation/activation. With a modern approach to composition, Consortium collaborates with renowned directors, studios, networks, record labels, production companies, agencies, and brands on celebrated and award-winning projects.

Based in California, Seth and his team have a wealth of real-world experience in using music as an art form to create immersive experiences and narratives. They have collaborated with notable figures in the industry, including Netflix, HBO, Nike, MASS MoCA, Apple, Wieden+Kennedy, Vice, and more. Their creative-focused work has garnered critical acclaim from esteemed publications such as Pitchfork, New York Times, and NPR. Consortium's work has also received recognition through awards from Cannes, Clios, AMP Awards, Webby Awards, Drum, AICP, and others

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